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This is not the type of post I would normally do…it’s just not my thing. However, I’m so excited about the savings from my online shopping haul, I just could not resist sharing with you! I really need some new conditioner and facial scrubs (that’s a whole post in itself, coming soon!) because after years of hating my skin and hair, I think I finally found something that will make me happy. I figured I’d check on Ebates to see what I could find there before going to the store. I just can’t resist that cash back! 😉 Today is the perfect example of why this is my new routine. Check this out! Haul

Show Me the Savings!

TOTD: Make Your iPhone Your Best Friend

ImageIn my previous post, I talked about all the loyalty rewards cards that we collect from just about every place we visit. That got me thinking…THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT! Of course there is; like the loyalty cards, there’s an app for just about everything. 😉 This is a screenshot of my favorite time/money-saving apps. I just want to share with you what I love about them!

Yes, please share!

TOTD: Earn Cash for Shopping Online!

Purse with Money

I’ve recently come across a way to cushion your pocket-book that doesn’t involve cutting expenses! How does this work, you ask? It’s simple: Ebates is like that loyalty rewards card you have from CVS, Best Buy, and/or Victoria’s Secret PLUS coupon codes like you would get from RetailMeNot, all rolled into one! You get coupons AND earn cash back on every purchase made from this site, no matter what store it came from. Cash back varies, depending on the store. Some stores offer a flat rate cash back (i.e., $5), while others give a percentage of your purchase (i.e., 1%-30% of total). Very few places have coupons only and even fewer have no discount at all. Signing up is easy, just go to Ebates and follow the prompts! Fast, easy, and free…Just how we like it 😉 If the cash back isn’t enough for you, they’ll even throw in a free gift card of your choice after your first $25 purchase.

How does this work?

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Budget Frindly Tips N Tricks for the chic N savvy chicks!

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Budget Frindly Tips N Tricks for the chic N savvy chicks!

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Budget Frindly Tips N Tricks for the chic N savvy chicks!

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